Holiday Whole Turkey - Reservation Deposit

Holiday Whole Turkey - Reservation Deposit

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American Broad Breasted pastured turkey. Raised on open pasture from day old poult (chick) at Whitehurst Farms. Average sizes from 13-18lbs, Vacuum packed and frozen. Giblets bagged separately and included inside turkey. Very limited quantity available $7.49 lb.  

Pastured turkeys are fragile as chicks requiring 100 degree temps for the first 2 weeks of life and take over 4 months to grow to ready size. They are raised in flocks on pasture and eat heavy amounts of vegetation taking on the a unique flavor. Turkeys are given large grass paddocks and moved through the pasture every few days to new vegetation. 

Turkeys available on a first come first serve basis with deposit only. We will not take a reservation or hold a turkey without a paid NONREFUNDABLE deposit. Turkeys WILL SELL OUT AROUND OCT 1. Please decide if this works for you and your family prior to placing your nonrefundable deposit. Final price is dressed/packaged weight x $7.49 lb - less $40 deposit. Invoice balance will be emailed to you for payment prior to pickup/delivery.

Upon ordering you can specify in the note section small, medium, large and we will do our best to accommodate your size request. 

We will have pickup available as soon as early to mid November on farm,. Home delivery for $7.50 delivery fee is also an option.  Turkeys must be paid and picked up or delivered by Saturday November 20, 2021. 

Questions re turkeys please contact Farmer Mike via TEXT at 7137243778.

Pickup and Delivery Information

Pickup and delivery are only offered on certain days. Barnside pickup is available on Thursdays from 4:00pm - 6:00pm; pickup at Crossfit GBAR3 on Saturdays from 9:30am - 11:00am; and delivery is available in select areas on Tuesdays and Fridays.

All produce is harvested fresh to order. Please note that all orders must be submitted 3-4 days in advance of pickup and delivery to allow for adequate time to prepare, harvest, and package your order.

Seasonal farm share pickup is based on the pickup location and time selected at checkout. For any help, use the notes field.

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