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Your one stop shop for meat, eggs, seasonal produce, cold-pressed juice, artisan foods, and farm t-shirts & hats!

To purchase items from our online store for pick up or home delivery, choose your selections for the week and purchase through our online store. Clothing items are shipped directly to you.

Choose Delivery or Pick Up

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Clothing items are shipped directly to you.

For all food and juice orders: All produce is harvested and juice is made fresh just for you. In order to allow time to prepare your items, please place your order by Sunday for delivery/pick up on Wednesday through Saturday.

Contactless, self-serve pick up at the farm in Brenham (6580 FM 332) Place your order by Sunday for pick up starting on Tuesdays at 4:30pm through Friday at 6:00pm. There is more flexibility for orders that contain only meat and eggs since the lead time for harvesting is not required. Your order will be placed in the refrigerator and freezer in the barn at the farm. Contact Michael via text at 713-724-3778 or via email at michael@whitehurstfarm.com with any questions.

Home delivery is available on Wednesdays to large portions of Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring (Klein), Brenham & Bellville. Delivery is available on orders starting at $50. For orders from $50 to $125, there is a $9.75 delivery fee. We offer free delivery for orders over $125.

Please place your order by Sunday for Wednesday delivery.

The Farm Share program is not eligible for delivery.

See the zip code lists below to make sure we deliver to your area. They are listed 1) by town/neighborhood, AND 2) in numerical order so that you have two ways to confirm delivery to your home.

Delivery zip codes by city, neighborhood, & area include:

Brenham, Bellville, Bleiberville, Burton, Carmine, Chappell Hill, Industry, Round Top, Washington, Welcome. (Most of Washington County and parts of Austin County): 77418, 77426, 77452, 77833, 77834, 77835, 77880, 78931, 78932, 78944, 78954

Cypress, Bridgeland, Copperfield, Jersey Village, Vintage Park, 1960 between 290 and 249: 77040, 77064, 77065, 77070, 77092, 77095, 77429, 77433

Spring (Klein): 77379

Tomball: 77337, 77375, 77377

Houston - Inside the 610 loop (mostly on the west side) including Bellaire, downtown, The Heights, The Medical Center, Memorial, Midtown, Montrose, The Museum District, River Oaks, Upper Kirby, West University: 77001, 77002, 77003, 77004, 77005, 77006, 77007, 77008, 77009, 77010, 77011, 77019, 77025, 77027, 77030, 77046, 77052, 77054, 77098, 77201, 77202, 77203, 77204, 77401

Houston - North and West of the 610 loop, including neighborhoods and areas such as: Bellaire, Bridgeland, Copperfield, Energy Corridor, the Galleria, Jersey Village, Meyerland, Spring Branch, Tanglewood, Vintage, West Little York: 77024, 77040, 77041, 77042, 77043, 77055, 77056, 77057, 77063, 77064, 77065, 77070, 77079, 77080, 77092, 77095, 77096, 77401, 77433

All delivery zip codes in numerical order: 77001, 77002, 77003, 77004, 77005, 77006, 77007, 77008, 77009, 77010, 77011, 77019, 77024, 77025, 77027, 77030, 77040, 77041, 77042, 77043, 77046, 77052, 77054, 77055, 77056, 77057, 77063, 77064, 77065, 77070, 77079, 77080, 77092, 77095, 77096, 77098, 77201, 77202, 77203, 77204, 77337, 77375, 77377, 77379, 77401, 77418, 77426, 77429, 77433, 77452, 77833, 77834, 77835, 77880, 78931, 78932, 78944, 78954

Eat, Drink Enjoy!

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Cook for yourself, your friends and family with the freshest, most nutrient-dense meat and produce available. Enjoy ready-made cold-pressed juices, soups, and tamales.

FALL 2022 Farm Share

Farm Share Program Information

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Check back in August 2022 for info on our Fall 2022 Vegetable Farm Share program. Below is information on our Spring program, simply to give you an idea of how the program operates.

Our Spring 2022 Farm Share program runs for 8 weeks: April 20th - June 11th. Every week, or every other week, during those 8 weeks Farm Share members pick up their share of fresh, locally produced greens & vegetables.

What's included in your share?

Your weekly or bi-weekly share will include 6-9 freshly harvested items, such as romaine lettuce, salanova lettuce, beets, celery, radishes, salid turnips, kale, chard, arugula, parsley, cilantro, and italian dandelion.

You can choose to add 1 or 2 dozen eggs to your weekly farm share.

Payment Options

We offer two (2) Payment Plans for the Farm Share program:

The Pay in Full Plan is an upfront payment for the entire season providing us with much needed capital at the start of the season and as such, there is a discount on the price of a seasonal payment.

The Split Payment Plan is meant to give more flexibility in the payment schedule and allow our Farm Share program to be more inclusive. It is important to note that the Split Payment Plan still requires a commitment to participate for the entire 8 week season.

Steps to Register

Registration for the Spring 2022 Farm Share program will be open through April 17th or when the program is full, whichever comes first.

To sign up, click the link below and follow these steps: 1) choose pay in full or split payments and click on the appropriate link, 2) choose weekly (the full 8 weeks) or bi-weekly (every other week for a total of 4 weeks), 3) choose if you want to add 1 or 2 dozen eggs to your weekly selection, 4) choose "delivery option - pick up only", 5) click on "add to cart", 6) review your selections and click on "checkout", 7) log into your account or add your email address or phone number. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified of product availability and farm updates. You can also choose PayPal, ShopPay or GooglePay, 8) click on "pick up" for delivery method, 9) choose your pickup location, 10) then click on continue to payment to complete your order!

Throughout the farm share season, you can order additional products from our online store and have them delivered with your weekly farm share box with no additional delivery fee.

Pick Up Options

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PICK UP at Sonoma Wine Bar & Restaurant - The Heights, Houston
801 Studewood Street
Houston, TX 77007
Wednesdays 1:00-8:00pm

PICK UP at Crossfit GBar3 in Cypress

13615 Kluge Road

Cypress, TX 77429

Saturdays 9:30-11:00am

PICK UP at Otto's Emporium in Tomball

410 W Main Street

Tomball, TX 77375

Wednesdays 2:00-5:30pm

PICK UP at the farm in Brenham

6580 FM 332

Brenham, TX 77833

Self-serve pick starting on Tuesdays from 4:30pm through Friday at 6:00pm

Our Products

Cold-Pressed Juice

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LESLIE'S JUICE is organic, raw, cold-pressed, and non-pasteurized to maintain the highest level of nutrition and freshness.

Order individual juices, a sampler 4-pack of our most popular recipes, a custom 4-pack of your favorites, or a 3-day cleanse. 4-packs can be ordered one-time, as desired, or as a subscription for delivery every 7 days, 14 days or 30 days. Deliveries are made on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Artisan Foods

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Our farmer and chef-prepared foods are made with products from our farm and other local farms and partner businesses.

Produce & Herbs

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All of our produce and herbs are grown right here on our farm in MICHAEL'S GARDEN. We are starting to offer seasonal items a la carte as they are available. The easiest way to get greens and veggies is through our seasonal farm share program.

SEASONAL FARM SHARE - We offer a subscription program to receive a box of fresh, seasonal items weekly or bi-weekly. This program is offered in the fall, winter, and spring. Details for each season are available about one month prior to the start of the season.

Eggs & Honey

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MARISA'S EGGS - Our egg laying hens free range on pasture and are moved to new pasture a minimum of once per week. Moving with them are their pasture houses which contain their roost, nest boxes and water system. Their diet is supplemented with our custom ration of locally-grown fresh-milled feed.

Our honey is made by Whitehurst Farm bees who feast on native flowers and our 2 acre organic vegetable garden.

Pasture-Raised Meats

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GRASS FED BEEF - 100% grass fed cows raised on pasture at our farm in Brenham.

OLIVIA'S PORK - Red Wattle or Large Black hogs raised free range where they are free to eat vegetation, root and exhibit their natural woodland instincts. Individual cuts as well as custom half or whole hog packages are available throughout the year.

CHRISTIAN'S CHICKENS - Our broiler (meat) chickens are raised on pasture where they reside in protective mobile pasture pens. The birds are moved to fresh grass daily. Their diet is supplemented with fresh-milled feed. This results in a flavorful, full breasted vacuum-packaged weight of 3 - 5 pounds per bird.

THOMAS' TURKEYS - Free range turkeys are raised on pasture and supplemented with fresh-milled feed. Whole turkeys range from 14 lbs. to 22 lbs. Also available year-round (as available) are turkey breast, ground turkey and leg quarters.

Wholesale Options

Chefs & Restaurants

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We love working with chefs and restaurants who are looking for fresh local ingredients. Contact Michael directly for more information at 713-724-3778 or michael@whitehurstfarm.com.

Food Distribution Services

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We work closely with a few food distribution services that aggregate food from local farms to deliver to people in their community. Contact Michael directly for more information at 713-724-3778 or michael@whitehurstfarm.com.

Farm Grow Partners

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Other farmers know the challenges of having a consistent supply of products to sell when mother nature is involved. We partner with a few other local farms so that we can all provide the highest quality food to our community on a consistent basis. Contact Michael directly for more information at 713-724-3778 or michael@whitehurstfarm.com.

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