Have you tried Leslie's Juice yet? Cold-pressed, organic, raw, and delicious!


Do you have fond memories of oh-so-many zucchini squashes in the garden? That's because it's so easy to grow. It's also very versatile!

Tropicana Head Lettuce

Often a base for a typical salad or to top off a juicy burger, head lettuce is almost a tradition for many families.

Salad Turnips

A turnip isn't something you typically think to add to a salad. But salad turnips are the perfect size and texture to add an element of interest to your bowl of healthy greens!


As pretty as it is healthy, Chard is a welcome addition to your plate and your palate!

Green Beans

Green beans have been a staple on dining room tables for hundreds of years. They often represent tradition (Green Bean Casserole, anyone?) and can bring back memories of popping off the tips while sitting on the porch with Grandma.  Whitehurst Farm is proud to share in the tradition!


For many, the pungent aroma of garlic often brings happy memories to mind, of creating in the kitchen or enjoying a special dish at a favorite restaurant.  Create your own memories while including our garlic in your meals!


 Arugula, with its peppery taste, balances sweeter elements in salads and other dishes, plus packs a nutritional punch!


To add color and nutrition to meals ranging from salads to a "meat and potatoes" plate, you can't beat beets!


Whether stuffed with peanut butter, sauteed into aromatics, or blended into a juice, working celery into your eating plan is a healthy idea!


For some, Kale can be an acquired taste. But it's well worth the effort! It's touch of bitterness compliments other greens and goes well with meats such as ham or bacon.

Asian Greens

Asian greens provide variety and additional health benefits into your dishes. They are worth experimenting with!


Is there anything better than a fresh, ripe tomato? They are so versatile too!  Here at Whitehurst Farm, we love to provide a variety of tomatoes during the season, which generally runs May through October. 
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