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What is a Farm Share program?

A farm share program allows its members to become a shareholder in the farm's production prior to the growing season.  The member reaps the benefits of the ultra fresh harvest each week and the farmer is able to plan production based on the members' needs.  The farmer also receives capital upfront to help finance the purchase of seeds, compost, labor and equipment. In short, supporters invest in the farm by investing up front for a “share” of the season’s produce. In return, they receive produce that contains a mix of the farm’s seasonal produce, optimally harvested for peak nutrition and freshness. This "pre-sale" allows the farmer to focus time on growing and production to provide local food to more people.


We are trade-skilled, experienced farmers used to dealing with variable and extreme weather and pests. Prior farm share investment has allowed us to substantially reduce weather and freeze risk by growing inside protective cover structures - greenhouses and high tunnels. These structures contain side walls, fronts and backs and can be completely closed in the event of a freeze. We cannot guarantee that we can mitigate all risk so there exists a chance that some crops or a portion of a farm share may not be available at times. Members understand that they share in the successes and failures of the farm and that their produce will be grown using organic practices that conserve and regenerate the land.  Farm share members commit for the full season as established by the seasonal registration.

Please read our Farm Share Agreement and ensure that you fully understand these policies. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please contact us at


Greens & Vegetables Farm Share

Our Spring 2022 Farm Share program will run for 8 weeks: April 20th - June 11th. Every week, or every other week, during those 8 weeks Farm Share members pick up their share of fresh, locally produced greens & vegetables.


Payment Options

We offer two (2) Payment Plans for the Farm Share program:

The Pay in Full Plan is an upfront payment for the entire season providing us with much needed capital at the start of the season.

The Split Payment Plan is meant to give more flexibility in the payment schedule and allow our Farm Share program to be more inclusive. It is important to note that the Split Payment Plan still requires a commitment to participate for the entire 8 week season.

Ready to Sign Up?

Registration for the Spring 2022 Farm Share program will be open through April 17th or when the program is full, whichever comes first.

To sign up, click the link below and follow these steps: 1) choose pay in full or split payments and click on the appropriate link, 2) choose weekly (the full 8 weeks) or bi-weekly (every other week for a total of 4 weeks), 3) choose if you want to add 1 or 2 dozen eggs to your weekly selection, 4) choose "delivery option - pick up only", 5) click on "add to cart", 6) review your selections and click on "checkout", 7) log into your account or add your email address or phone number. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified of product availability and farm updates. You can also choose PayPal, ShopPay or GooglePay, 8) click on "pick up" for delivery method, 9) choose your pickup location, 10) then click on continue to payment to complete your order!

Throughout the farm share season, you can order additional products from our online store and have them delivered with your weekly farm share box with no additional delivery fee.

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