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About Leslie's Juice

We're committed to maximizing your benefits per bottle by using harvest-fresh ingredients!

Our ingredients change with the seasons for your optimal health. When an item is seasonally unavailable, we will substitute it with another in-season fruit or vegetable. Customizations are also available to maximize your health benefits per bottle. Please notify us of any allergies or health needs so that we can best support you in your health journey. It is our privilege to serve every customer like our own family!

Our Story

Since we started our farming journey, we have found that the food, farming and wellness communities are a very tight-knit group of people who love to support and collaborate with one another.  In 2018, we met Alicia Alagala, owner of Harvest Juice Cafe (HJC), when she reached out to connect with a local farm and source fresh, seasonal produce for her juice.  She visited the farm, bought some produce, and our families became fast friends

When Alicia and Matt decided to sell HJC, it was a natural fit for us to buy the business and offer cold-pressed juice and smoothies as a part of our farm offerings. Our goal is to raise and grow the freshest, most nutritious food for our family and our community. Michael has adjusted our crop plan to grow most of the produce for the juice and smoothies right here on the farm.  Leslie has spent her career as a therapist, yoga teacher and life coach guiding others toward their own sense of health and wellness in the midst of life’s joys and challenges. Leslie’s Juice is another way that we can provide conscious nourishment to you and your family.


As people catch on to the explosive testimonies of juicing, we want to provide a simple guide to refer to as you go about purchasing juice. Here is the checklist to ensure you are buying top-quality nutrient-dense juice:

COLD PRESSED: This process does not destroy enzymes and yields the highest nutrient content compared to all other juicing methods.

UNPASTEURIZED: Heat burns out vitamins and nutrients in pasteurized juices.

NON-HPP: High pressure pasteurization extends shelf life yet decreases nutrient benefits. The high pressure also creates a lower heat and changes the structures of enzymes and proteins.

SHELF LIFE OF 3-5 DAYS: If fresh, raw produce goes bad in your fridge quickly, so should its juice. In order to “drink your vitamins,” consume juice no later than 3-5 days after it has been pressed.

ORGANIC: Since many harmful pesticides are on non-organic produce, you do not want to drink non-organic juice as it may also yield a concentration of pesticides.

*DISCLAIMER: Not all ingredients have to be organic if they have been labeled as clean on the pesticide clean and dirty list

For juice to be sold in grocery stores, manufacturers are required to pasteurize juice in order to extend shelf-life to one month. FDA law demands that juice undergo a process like HPP or heat pasteurization in order to be distributed wholesale to re-sellers. If the maker is selling direct to consumer, this process is not required.

Outside of fresh squeezed orange juice that they may make in-house, you will not be able to find raw, fresh, organic, non-HPP, unpasteurized, cold-press juice in stores. Both heat and pressure kill live-enzymes, probiotics, and nutrient value of juice. Instead of drinking in vitamins and minerals, you are getting a taste of deadened fruits and vegetables in store-bought juices.

Leslie's Juice uses organic, raw produce, cold-presses it, and then delivers it to the customer for consumption within that week. Since fresh produce expires in the refrigerator, so does the juice. We add nothing to it outside of plants. No sugar, powders, additives, or preservatives. We pack it full in order to provide the customer a full day’s servings of fruits and vegetables. Each 16oz bottle contains 3 pounds or more of organic produce, easily over 8 cups of raw fruits and vegetables.

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